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How Apples are Good for Your Teeth

People have been asserting that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” since the 19 th century. While it may not necessarily be true that those who eat apples never have to see a doctor, apples certainly have great health benefits for our bodies! Did you know they can even be good for our […]

Electrical or Manual Toothbrush: Which is Better?

This is one of our most frequently asked questions! Our answer? It’s not the brush that matters, it’s who’s doing the brushing. Let’s break that down. The goal of tooth brushing is to remove plaque from your teeth on a consistent (daily!) basis, so that we prevent the buildup of tartar which leads to tooth […]

Flossing 101

Of all the things you can do to maintain a healthy mouth, flossing has got to be the least expensive! But many patients don’t take the time to floss. And if you do, you might not be doing it correctly! Welcome to Flossing 101… Why should you floss? Your toothbrush isn’t enough to brush away […]

Effects of Soda on Your Teeth

Ever seen those videos where someone puts a baby tooth in a glass of soda and watches it decay? Well, the effect of soda in an actual mouth is a bit different. You have your saliva to help wash away the sugar, you eat other things throughout the day, and brush at least twice a […]

The Why, When, How and Where of Tongue Scraping

Imagine it’s still winter … you’re standing at the door, ready to brave the cold. You’re layered-up with three shirts and a sweatshirt, your heavy winter coat, and two layers of socks underneath your waterproof winter boots. Then you’ve got those awesome jeans with the flannel on the inside, your comfy hat, scarf, and gloves. […]

What to Do When You Crack a Tooth

Chomp on something your tooth didn’t like? Or get hit in the mouth with a hockey puck? If you think you may have a cracked tooth, or if you’re holding a piece of your tooth in your hand, follow these steps! 1. Give us a call to schedule an appointment (863-294-4484). Let us know about […]

Foods That Cause Tooth Decay

When it comes to tooth decay, it’s important to know the main culprit – acid. Acid is what eats away at our enamel and causes cavities. Acid can enter our mouths in one of two ways: either directly through what we eat (citrus fruits, for example), or as a byproduct when oral bacteria consume the […]

Dental Implant Aftercare

Missing teeth not only affect the quality of your smile but its function as well. Dental implant treatment is a permanent solution, and after placement, there are significant steps you must take to ensure a comfortable healing process. First Day Post-Surgery You should trust a companion or family member to take you to and from […]

Benefits of Receiving Cosmetic Dental Treatment from Prosthodontists

Many patients desire a more uniform and whiter smile. With the advances in dentistry today, there are treatments available that can create the smile you’ve always wanted. However, there is a specialized field of dentistry that is dedicated to the rehabilitation and maintenance of oral function and smile appearance. At Advanced Implant & Cosmetic Dentistry, […]

Prosthodontist FAQ

Advanced Implant & Cosmetic Dentistry is staffed with a variety of experienced professionals that are dedicated to the restoration of your smile’s aesthetic and health. For our particular specialty, prosthodontics, we’ve provided some frequently requested answers to questions that help your search for the best professional treatment. What is Prosthodontics? Prosthodontics is one of nine […]