We are excited to be able to offer comprehensive dental care for you and your entire family! We prefer to start children out young – learning the correct way to keep their teeth and mouth healthy.

We are also proud to serve adults of all ages. We strive to have a family-oriented environment so you are happy to bring your whole family to our office to ensure good dental health!


Regular check-ups & Dental Cleanings

Patients of all ages should be scheduling dental appointments every six months, or twice a calendar year. Underlying concerns like periodontal (Gum) disease or sensitivity to tooth decay may require more frequent visits to keep your oral health impeccable.

Dr. Ho will carefully inspect your gum tissue, your jaw, your resting bite, your jaw joints, any existing restorative work, and other components that make up your smiles overall well being. If your in need of treatment, Dr. Ho will work closely with you in developing an ideal plan of action followed by a professional cleaning that will remove bacteria filled plaque, tartar, and minor staining, leaving your teeth healthier and polished.


Children’s Dentistry

We are happy to see every member of the family for general care. We strive in preventative care especially for our littlest family members. Laying the ground work for a healthy and happy smile that lasts for life with regular checkups, cleanings, and other kid friendly services provided.


Periodontal therapy

Periodontal (gum) disease is a very common oral infection that can eventually rob patients of their teeth, their healthy jawbone, and even their overall well being. Dr. Ho and his team will screen for signs of this condition at every checkup, and effective therapy is available as needed to reverse any damage. We also utilize a state-of-the-art soft tissue laser that can treat infected gum tissue precisely and comfortably for added benefit to the patient.


Oral Cancer screenings

Tens of thousands of people here in the united states suffer from oral cancers. Our team strives to identify this condition as soon as possible in its development by providing screenings at every regular checkup. Dr. Ho carefully reviews the soft tissue for signs of lumps, crusts, discolored areas, or other symptoms that may indicate cancerous cells.



If you have any questions about our dental services for any member of your family, please contact us today.