Have you lost a significant number of teeth? Or maybe you are on the brink of the extraction of several failing teeth. Either way, finding a stable tooth replacement is especially important in the case of multiple tooth loss. Implant-retained dentures is a comprehensive solution which gives you back your missing teeth and regains your confident smile. The two options for an implant denture in which depends on your specific needs include:

Snap On Denture/Overdenture

Snap-On dentures, also known as implant over-dentures are dentures that “snap on” your dental implants that have already been surgically attached to your jawbone.

If you do not already have implants, this produce involves placing implants at strategic angles into the jawbone. After a healing period of 3-4 months, Dr. Ho will attach snaps to the dental implants to convert your new denture into Snap-on-dentures. During this process you work along side the doctor in choosing the tooth shape, color, and size to design your unique smile.

Replacing Missing Teeth With A Snap On/Overdenture

All-on-Four/Hybrid Denture

The term All-on-4 refers to “all” teeth being supported “on four” dental implants, a surgical procedure and technique prosthodontics preform for patients with badly broken down teeth, decayed teeth or compromised teeth due to gum disease. This procedure involves four implants placed at strategic angles into the jawbone, a temporary prosthetic will be then attached over them immediately and In a few months, you’ll return to receive your final fixed denture. They will look, feel, and function just like your natural teeth. Thanks to the supportive implant posts that mimic tooth roots, patients have the oral comfort and security they’ve missed with traditional removable dentures, and they will also be able to preserve their jaw’s health at the same time.

Top oral care tips for your Denture

  • Brush your denture regularly with a ultra-soft bristled toothbrush.
  • Use a specialized flossing tool like a water flosser to remove food and plaque that can get stuck between the denture base and the soft tissue.
  • See your dentist and or hygienist regularly for checkups and professional cleanings.

The hybrid Denture

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